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    Question 2007 195Cc

    I found a 07 triumph 195cc for sale and instantly fell in love with it. Just wonder if there are any owners out there with this model that could give me so insight on how they like it and if they know of any specific things I may want to look for before buy. Thanx for yalls help....this is an awesome site with some great information

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    I have an '06 195cc with a 135hp Honda. I absolutely love it. Can't think of anything that is a problem to watch out for. I would just make sure it's on the correct trailer and search over the entire hull for cracks. I would never again buy a used boat without a test ride after being burned on a previous used boat purchase. If they say they can't take you for a test ride there is a reason. Walk away. Hope you end up with a great boat!

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    I've got an '08 195CC. I love it. I'd want no less than the 150hp that I've got, but others in the forum have the 115hp and are happy, too. Wiring on all models leaves a bit to be desired, but presents no insurmountable problems. Only other thing to check applies to all Triumphs......be sure that it's been properly stored on a trailer (or lift) made specifically for that boat. The hulls will warp if not properly supported, or kept afloat. Here's a file showing the proper bunk layout for the 195


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    I have a 2008 CC195 and I firmly believe it is a great boat. It came with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke and I bought it used. Give the boat a detailed inspection using the recommendations you see here. I would have liked a Yahama 150 4 stroke, but the 115 came with the boat with no problems. If I could repower it I would, but I do not want to invest the money to do that at this time.

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