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My Courtesy Light Installation - BarryB

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NOTE: This article was originally posted by Triumphowners.net member BarryB on August 24th, 2010. :)

Let me preface this by saying sometimes I think of an idea after starting on a project. So, some photos were staged after the switch was installed. I finally made the time to install the courtesy lights. I knew where I would install the lights because I wanted to fill a hole that used to be the outlet for the VHF antenna cable.

I chose Lumitec lights for their size and light output. Plus, at $20 each, they were not too expensive.

The toughest choice was where to install the light switch. I wanted the system to look like a factory job, so after some queries from others, I mounted the switch near the Nav/anchor switch.

First, I had to remove the steering wheel. I used a Harbor Freight...

Low Budget Skeg Repair

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My Engine Skeg can and does, take a thumping from time to time while scouting around looking for fish in a foot or less of water :rolleyes: And I have crossed over some flats on a falling tide on a plane, this while feeling little thumps through the deck knowing the Jack Plate was as high as she can go and the prop still have some bite :oops: :p

So I attached to this thread, a PDF file showing how I repaired mine in fairly short order to get it ready for the next trip out ;)

Fold-away trailer tongue install instructions

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I wanted to be able to store my boat and trailer straight in my garage so that it would only take up one car space, instead of having to store it at an angle. That meant doing something about the long trailer tongue, since the overall length of trailer,boat, and motor was just under 25' (with the motor turned sideways) and my garage is only 20'10" deep.

But, as you can see from the before picture, even if I installed a standard fold-away tongue, the winch stand was going to be my length limiting factor, preventing me from getting down to my target length.

Before Photo:

After Photo:

I found that I would have to do several modifications in order to reduce the trailer length as much as possible. I had to do the following main tasks:
  1. Cut the tongue and install the Fulton fold-away hinge...

Bilge Plug Insertion and Removal Tool

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I made this bilge plug tool a couple of years ago out of a broom stick...it really works great to get those plugs in snug and again to get them out... especially with cold and wet hands.

Here's a pic:

New starboard modifications

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I recently called my local Boaters World to inquire about the cost of StarBoard material to make a few things for my boat.

The sales person told me that that much material would cost a small fortune, I already knew that, and he suggested I go to a local plastics recycler. He said "I buy mine for my own projects there all the time". Long story short, they had all kinds of StarBoard, still has the plastic peel from the factory on it, .40 / pound, that's forty cents per pound!

I bought two sheets of 3/4 X 24 X 44 for $14.00 each. Those pieces would cost over $100 each through Marine supply stores. Anyway here are a few pictures of some of the things I've made so far.
The first pic is of a vertical rod storage holder for the front of the center console.
The next one is of a mount I made for the electronics to conserve space in the console.
The last one is a quick release mount for my trolling motor.