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After owning my 195CC for almost four years now, I finally got around to getting a bow-mounted trolling motor. As many of you may know, the bow rails on a 195CC are lower than those on a 215CC, which makes it difficult to mount a TM on the bow. Clearing the bow rails on deployment of the motor was going to be the challenge.

I knew my skills weren't sufficient, so I brought my boat down to "The Trolling Motor Doctor" in Long Beach, CA. We decided that the only way to make it work without...
I wanted to be able to store my boat and trailer straight in my garage so that it would only take up one car space, instead of having to store it at an angle. That meant doing something about the long trailer tongue, since the overall length of trailer,boat, and motor was just under 25' (with the motor turned sideways) and my garage is only 20'10" deep.

But, as you can see from the before picture, even if I installed a standard fold-away tongue, the winch stand was going to be my length...