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Maintenance & Modifications for Triumph Boat Owners DVD


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Hi all. Thanks to those members who have purchased our "Maintenance and Modifications for Triumph Boat Owners" DVD. We produced the DVD in 2009 but the information is still relevant to today's Triumph Boat owners. A list of the topics included is below. The cost is $30 and includes free shipping in the US. If you don't have a copy yet and want to purchase one you can do so securely through PayPal. You can learn more here:


As a Triumph Boat owner myself I wanted to create a DVD that addresses questions that many Triumph Boat owners have about their Roplene watercraft. Here are a few of the topics we've covered.

  • How to apply stickers to Roplene
  • How to repair scratches or gouges by welding Roplene
  • How to replace screws with Roplene powder
  • Using Sudbury Elastomeric sealant
  • Where to install a transducer
  • Lacing a t-top
  • Trailer maintenance
  • Prop removal and checking for debris
  • On-board battery charger system
  • Techniques for mounting down riggers
  • Cleaning the bilge pump
  • Installing a transom drain
  • Lower unit maintenance
  • Winterizing your Triumph
  • And more...

The goal of the DVD is to provide some general information and examples of topics of interest to most Triumph and Logic boat owners.
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Hi all. Just a quick note to let you know that our Maintenance & Modifications for Triumph Boat Owners DVD is still available to order. You can learn more about it and order securely via PayPal on this page:

Like several others who have become first-time Triumph owners recently (for me, a 2007 170 cc, 11-04-16) and have learned much after the purchase from this website, MERRITT Marine, and the DVD. These are all invaluable resources that you can return to repeatedly in the future. I have just about completed a 3 month-long refurbishing project and added new technologies, boat and engine components that were only possible for me by having these website and TRIUMPH owners resources available. Thanks. Bob Stephenson


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Thanks for the words of support Bob! :cool:


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We are planning on adding the video segments to an online area available to Premium Member subscribers but we are still a few months away from accomplishing that.


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Thanks so much for the reply! I am happy to pay for the video but honestly just don’t want the DVD. I am really not even sure if I still have a DVD player anywhere around here. I will hang tight for the digital release.
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