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TriumphOwners.net Classifieds

Discussion in 'Admin Announcements' started by NCangler, Oct 3, 2016.

By NCangler on Oct 3, 2016 at 3:08 PM
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    Nov 5, 2004
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    TriumphOwners.net is proud to announce we are launching a partnership with Panjo to power a custom marketplace for the community.

    Starting today, sellers get a new dashboard to manage listings and feedback in the TriumphOwners.net community marketplace. Buyers get new tools to browse, sort, filter, and set alerts for Want To Sell and Want To Buy items. It remains free to list. If a buyer and seller optionally wish to use the integrated payment transfer tools, there is a 6.9% transaction fee (capped at $99) for the Panjo platform exposure and to support the operating expenses of the forum.

    Ready to turn your boating items into cash? Sell an item in the new, integrated marketplace.

    Click on Classifieds above to go to our Classifieds forums. Then choose Items for Sale by Members or Want to Buy, then choose the category that best describes what you are looking to sell or buy. From there you can either browse the listings already posted by our members or you start a New Thread to create a new listing. When you click New Thread you will be redirected to our Panjo TriumphOwners marketplace page. The first time you do this you will need to create a user account. Try using your same user name as on TriumphOwners.net to make it easy to remember. :) After you setup a user account you can then add a new listing. Your new listing on Panjo will automatically create a new thread in our TriumphOwners.net Classifieds forums. This way you get visibility to our Captains Club member subscribers but your listing also becomes visible to hundreds of thousands of viewers in the Panjo network. You can go directly to the Panjo TriumphOwners marketplace page here:


    Need help with the new marketplace tools? Email: support@panjo.com.

    Seller benefits include things like:
    • Protection against false buyer claims
    • Payment collection and verification
    • Integrated payment processing (make money while you sleep)
    • More visual showcase for your items
    • Drag and drop photo management
    • Seller profile page
    • Dispute resolution
    • Reputation management tools
    • Promotion of listings via email, social media, and other outlets
    • Improved visual presentation in Tapatalk app
    Buyer benefits
    • Full refund protection
    • New sort, filter, and keyword search tools
    • "Buy Now" button
    • Dedicated dispute resolution team
    • Machine learning fraud prevention and detection
    • Phone support
    • Photo gallery of listings
    • Create 'want to buy' listings
    • Set 'watch list' alerts
    • Set 'keyword' alerts
    • Ability to purchase with Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, (ApplePay coming soon), or PayPal
    Learn more about Selling here: https://www.panjo.com/about#selling

    Learn more about Buying here: https://www.panjo.com/about#buying

    Thanks to the good folks at Panjo for making selling and buying products of interest to our TriumphOwners.net members easier than ever. :cool:

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Discussion in 'Admin Announcements' started by NCangler, Oct 3, 2016.

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