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The Online Network for Triumph/Logic Boat Owners

Hi folks. We have uploaded some videos produced by Triumph Boats back in 2007 (19 segments) on general information on supporting the hull, bottom painting, installing a prop, installing a swim platform, cleaning a Triumph, screw hole repair, etc. They are only available for view by Captains Club Member subscribers but are located here:


These are about 10 years old now but the information is still pertinent...
Hi all. If you have registered an account with us and upgraded to the Captains Club Member subscription at some point you can log in and check the status of your Captains Club Member access by going to this page:


If your subscription is currently active you will see it under Purchased Upgrades and it will list the expiration date on your account. If your Captains Club Member subscription is not active...
Captains Club Members,

In celebration of getting the NEW Triumphowners.net website up and running I thought it would be cool to solicit some NEW photos of each of your Triumph or Logic Boats and make it a photo contest while we're at it! :) The weather is turning very nice right now in North Carolina and hopefully where you are! As you're getting the boat out and cleaning her up for another season on the water take a few pictures of your boat, the rig you...